Gaga vs X-Tina…

Dear Christina Aguilera,

Please stop trying to be Lady Gaga.  You are embarrassing yourself.

Thank you.

As much as it kills me to have her on my blog, I felt the need to juxtapose X-Tina’s clip of her new music video, with my all time favorite singer, Lady Gaga’s video “Poker Face.”

And now you tell ME if X-Tina is copying Gaga’s style.

FYI- Gaga’s video and “futuristic” style came out WAY before X-Tina’s attempt…

(For some reason, Gaga’s video won’t play, so go here to watch it.)

It’s about time everyone finally realized how amazing GAGA and her music is. Like seriously, where have you all been!?

Check out M’s take on GAGA HERE.


One thought on “Gaga vs X-Tina…

  1. Yeah. It’s obvious.
    And I think that it gonna be sadly obvious that Xtina will get all the fame and Gaga willl be seen as a off-ripper 😦

    PS: visit my blog about Lady GaGa –>

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