TRL says goodbye…

 Total Request Live

VJs Damien Fahey and Lyndsey Rodrigues work on set during MTV's "Total Request Live" at MTV Studios in New York on Feb. 5.

Sad news for TRL fans. TRL is ending their run of 10 years on the air.

I was watching a clip from TRL with the cast of HSM3 yesterday when I heard the mention of “TRL coming to an end” and I came into total shock.

WHAT?! TRL ENDING!?!?! The idea seems preposterous to me! How else will new music videos be aired? What about the Top 10 videos!?! ALSO, what am I suppose to do when I go to NYC on a weekday? The rush of seeing a celebrity behind the glass windows of TRL studios will be gone? What about New Years Eve?! The VMAS? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!

For someone who grew up with TRL always in the background, and having to tape every moment that N’SYNC, Britney Spears (before she married K-Fed) or Justin Timberlake was on TRL. But then again, as the years went on, TRL started lacking, or maybe it was me growing up.

I guess I took TRL for granted and stopped watching it. If I happen to pass it while channel surfacing, of course I would watch it. But knowing that it is ending just upsets me. I guess I’ll never have the chance to run up to their studios to meet JT or any other celeb who I am obsessed with.

So you’re probably wondering what the reason is behind TRL shutting down, for now they say. Well to sum it all up, they felt that after 10 years, it was about time for a break. Hm, I kind of don’t believe that but…

I feel like a huge piece of music history is dieing.

Go HERE for the full story on TRL coming to an end.

The last show is on November 16th at 8PM


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