Gossip can’t wait…

We all know what tonight was, Gossip Girl. 

Of course I watched it, instead of writing my LONG, LONG analytical paper (let’s not get into that) and I had some mixed feelings as usual.

I missed a few parts because I was busy making some coffee, seeing as how I’ll be pulling an all-nighter, nothing out of the ordinary, but back to Gossip Girl.  I’m feeling a SHORT AND SWEET for this one:


1. Blair – I love her more than ever for stepping up to Serena.  She is the Queen Bee of Bitch.

2. Serena – I’m glad she has taken off Blair’s shoes, because she apparently isn’t up to par with Blair’s crafty bitchiness.

3. Jenny- I guess I can be happy for her, I mean she is making some progress with her fashion antics.  I like her better when she focuses on her career rather than her social ranking.

4. Nate and Dan – can they be the next “Ben and Matt?”

5. Chuck – Needs to stop hating.

And did we see scenes from next week?  Like, I really don’t like Vanessa, but come on, why is she getting pulled into Chuck and Blair’s “I don’t like you, but I want you” war.  Why so much sexual tension?  I hope Vanessa is smart enough to see the truth behind Chuck and Blair’s scheming plan. 

Fabulous episode as always, full of classic lines, snazzy fashions (except for Blair’s last outfit…the hat? really?) and gossipy-gossip.

OH, and for some more gossip after the show go hereApparently there are rumors that Gossip Girl got an extension to Season 2…interesting 😉

See you next week…

you know you love me,



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