CosmoGirl! is folding it’s pages…

I owe this all to my BFF: K.‘CosmoGirl’ Folds

Without her fast wit and crafty tactics, this news would have never reached me.

So, here’s K’s SHORT AND SWEET:

1. CosmoGirl! is folding

2. CosmoGirl! is merging with Seventeen

3. CosmoGirl! will solely exist on line.

4. CosmoGirl’s last issue will be December’s

For more heartbreaking information about the end of CosmoGirl go here.

I’m so upset right now.  I have been reading CosmoGirl and Seventeen ever since I was 13.  My dreams of interning there are shot, unless I want to do on line writing…which I’m doing now, BUT seriously.  There’s something about magazines in print.  It becomes more personal, and may I add less eye-straining?? 

The whole “magazine going on line” needs to NOT happen.  It just so upsetting. BOOOO.

-RIP CosmoGirl!


Oh and ps. their latest issue…with S-JO…ew.


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