Reach OUT

We haven’t heard a lot from Hilary Duff in a while, except her fashion sense and her BF, and from me seeing her at Henri Bendels 😀

Hilary Duff, the original Disney Girl who hasn’t turned into a crazed-teenager like some of her understudies (ahem Miley Cyrus), has finally come out from her shell and brought along with her a new song. The song is available on youtube, and just because I love you all, I posted it here for your ear’s liking.

This song is part of her new CD, well more like her new album compilation, Best of Hilary Duff .

So I listened to her new song, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m liking it!!! It’s so catchy and its different sound compared to her past songs.  Let me know what you think!!

for more info on Hilary’s new song go here.


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