So I know I talked about Katie Holmes in a previous post, but I just ran into another picture of her and can I just that LOVE HER OUTFIT.  katie holmes leggings 03

Like OMG. I hate to love the women!!! I mean, who knows if her stylist picks out her clothes, but seriously, the women has style and fashion-sense.  You cannot deny it.  She is officially my fashion icon, I can’t help it.  The women is the definition of SOPHISTICLASSY!!!!!

AND I have always been against the whole leather-tights look, but after seeing her sport them, they are not that bad.  I might…might…go out and buy a pair. OMG, I’m getting fashion brainwashed by her, and I’m not afraid to admit it. 

She may be married to Tom Cruise, who is now depicted as a crazy man, but Katie has raised the bar on fashion and style, and the media deeming her as the new Jackie O…well they’re not too far off.

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