She’s got Betty Davis Eyes…

This proves that Leighton Meester is my favorite person of all time. leighton meester zac posen 02

Okay, maybe on Television, no but seriously..,OF ALL TIME.

First, look at her at the Zac Posen show in NYC.  A place where I wished I could be, but seeing as how I lacked the popularity or a ticket of some sort…the closest I got to Fashion Week was by looking at pictures.

ANYWAYS, Leighton looked amazing and her dress was gor-ge-ous 😀 Fashion Icon much??

Speaking of Leighton Meester, my BFF posted a SONG by Leighton on her blog.  I didn’t know the girl could sing!! At first I was skeptical, but after I listened to it….it wasn’t that bad! She has a different voice, I don’t know how to explain it, but I really like it.  Go check out my friend’s site to listen to the song.  It’s really good, I can already sing-a-long.

The song is called “Bette Davis Eyes.”

I also found this clip from REGIS AND KELLY and Leighton was the guest.  Check it out.  She talks about her re-occurring role on ENTOURAGE. Which airs this Sunday night and I’m really excited to see her!!! 😀

AND here is her first appearance on Entourage as the “virgin popstar.”

I’ll fill you in on her appearance on the next Entourage….


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