I’ve heard a rumor…

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors!!!

Well, seeing as how BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT was such a hit…it would be stupid not to film a 3rd one.

SO, I’ve been hearing/reading rumors that a 3rd Batman is underway….and who is the villain now?

Let’s think back to the days of Jim Carrey…he was in a tight green spandex onesie….

could it be the Riddler??

And from what I’ve heard/read…the actor who is to play the crafty little Riddler is… a little pirate I like to call, Johnny Depp.

There’s also rumors of the 3rd Batman having the villain of CATWOMAN played by Angelina Jolie, but she’s probably going to be too busy adopting and having more babies….sorry I couldn’t help myself….

Nothing has been set in stone yet, but if Johnny Depp is the new villain…well, we can all expect another jackpot at the box offices.



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