6ossip 6irl…

Miss Blair

Miss Blair

So, I missed the Teen Choice Awards. 

Well, not necessarily.  I missed the first half-hour of it, and as I was flipping through the channels I landed on the Teen Choice Awards.  What made me stop my “remote clicking” was the sight of Gossip Girl’s NATE.  It was like a deer in the headlights… he looked ravishing as always 😉  ANYWAYS, I started watching it until little Miss Hayden Panettiere stepped up onto the stage and SCREAMED an unnecessary scream as she accepted her award.

I stood there in horror, all the while listening to her scream that I swear lasted for minutes.  THEN I had to hear her speech, which was okay you know…all about girl power…but just the fact that she SCREAMED, and that I really loathe her as an actress, just made me want to turn the TV off.

So I didn’t end up watching the rest of the awards, just because of her. I know pathetic, but I really couldn’t stomach anymore immature celebitches.

But as I was reading my news from various bloggs, I realized that my Gossip Girl won 6 awards…that’s right 6.  So for all those doubters and haters, go surf on THOSE boards. HAHA

And since you now realize how amazing Gossip Girl really is, season 2 starts September 1st…just so you know.

you know you love me,



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