GG Studies…

Allow me to introduce you to my friends:

August 19th: Gossip Girl Season 1 on DVD.

September 1st: starts the second season of the most delectable show on television.

Now, I’m not one to boast about myself (even though this blog is ALL ABOUT ME)…………. BUT when this series came out, I think its safe to say that I got all my friends hooked on the series…and then my influence spread throughout my grade in High School.  What can I say … I’m a trendsetter 😛

Any-WHO! When this show started…my friends and I weren’t fans of it because it was NOT like the book.  But I gave it a chance, and as I watched the next few episodes I thought, hey there’s something about this show that I like…and even though it doesn’t follow the book…I’m starting to like it even more!! And the rest is history 😀

Consider this your dose of “social studies,”




you know you love me,



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