Harry Potter is BACK!!

"I'm safe with you, Harry"

Are you ready?

HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE movie trailer just came out today, and I am beyond estatic.

Of couse, me loving all things British have come to be infatuated with Harry Potter, and after seeing this new trailer, all I have to say is …. I have goosebumps.  It looks like another intense and exhilarating movie and I cannot wait!!

The movie comes out November 21, 2008, and you can count on me being in the theaters, at midnight.

If you haven’t read the novels (which you REALLY should… I myself want to read them all over again 😀 but I have no time…which is really sad.  I’m an English major, and I don’t have time to read! That’s borderline pathetic), here is a little synopsis of the 6th book from imbd.com (it may contain spoilers..but you should know about them by now).

This book is geared more towards learning about Voldemort’s past: how he became Lord Voldemort.  Also, Harry learns what he has to do in order to kill him.  Remember… one must kill the other.  They cannot live together.  Ahh, AND don’t fret, we still have 2 more Harry Potter movies in the future!! The 7th book, due to its length and content, has to be spilt in two because NOTHING can be cut out.  IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING!!

….I’ll keep you updated on any news about Harry 8)


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