Is it really the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS?

I think this is the first time I’m at a loss for words.  Perhaps you dear readers can somehow find the words to describe the following video clip:

Like…what is going on?

I mean, I will admit, when Hannah Montana first aired, I watched the show.  I actually had conversations with my 10-year old cousin regarding the show.  BUT then, little Miss Montana turned into MILEY CYRUS, who turned into PICTURE SLUT, who now is YOUTUBE BITCH.

I mean, yes the girl is only 15-yrs-old and she is acting like a stupid teenager who thinks she rules the world (which she does….basically), but was this necessary?  Don’t get me wrong, I like the girl … I’m just not a fan anymore.

So here’s my thing, Miley is 15 so she can act like one, BUT when you’re a role-model to a bunch of little girls, being you’re average 15-yr old self is not so acceptable.  I’m not trying to say ACT MATURE, but I mean be a little understanding that you’re actions will somehow affect those little girls who look up to you.  Just be a little smart with what you’re doing, such as PUTTING YOUR PICTURES IN AN EMAIL WHICH CAN EASILY BE LAUNCHED ONTO THE INTERNET, OR PUTTING UP A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE THAT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRUNK.


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One thought on “Is it really the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS?

  1. i have to disagree with you on this one darling.

    if you watch this video all the way to the end, they put a message to “go look at our friends youtube channel” and then they show the url. they clearly are doing this all in good fun.

    i honestly think this is a very harmless viral thats just them fooling around. have you seen any of the other videos on M&M’s channel? they are very similar

    and about the whole picture thing, do you really think the ten year olds who “look up to” miley read star magazine,, and watch entertainment tonight?

    no they watch the show on disney channel and maybe go to or something and thats the extent. these kids (for the most part) are oblivious to the gossip about her. if they arent, they should be. i dont think the material on perez is appropriate for them.

    this is the same situation as with britney spears. people are jealous of other’s success and feel the need to bring someone down with any tactic they can. which is why the people everyone hates I LOVVE and the people everyone loves- i ignore. people just need to calm down about this whole thing, otherwise soon miley eating an oreo cookie is going to be front page news because “she had previously mentioned that she only eats chips ahoy cookies”. rediculous.

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