Constructive Criticism…

Narnia Fans!!! I’m back.  I know its been a long time, but you know how it is.  For an book update, my Narnia journey has not progressed in any way, its been put on hold. Ever snice reading Prince Caspian, things haven’t been moving fast in the Book Front.

HOWEVER, as a person with a love for fashion and for Narnia, these two worlds collide thanks to Anna Popplewell.  My dear friend M updates her blog of Narnia happenings, and included are pictures of the group promoting PRINCE CASPIAN overseas.  Now, in each of these premieres, Anna Popplewell gets all dressed up, and I hate to say it because I truly love her, her style choices haven’t been the best. I’m really pulling for the girl, trying to cut her some slack, but seriously the girl needs a stylist, A PROFESSIONAL stylist that is.  I really want to hold her hand and help her avoid another fashion mistake.

So, while M and I chatted over the phone, we were looking at some pretty fug-a-licious pictures of Anna. (I personally had to get tissues because I was laughing so hard…I was crying.)  SO, we got carried away: M and I decided to compile a list of Popplewell’s top 5 worst outfits.  ENJOY. Go here for M’s list.



Now, it looks like she’s at a red carpet? SOOO why would you wear a “casual-dress?” Especially something that makes you like …. umm PALE like Casper.


Hmm, I could buy this dress at Forever 21. The hem is all weird and sliver shoes? when was THAT okay?


…my Grandma called, she wants her dress back.


There are so many things wrong with this outfit. The shoes, the dress, the jacket and the tights. AND the bag looks like its too elegants for this getup.


I’m actually at a loss for words…for the first time.

So there you have it! My list of Anna Popplewell’s worst outfits.  Check out M’s Blog!!!

For all you die-hard Popplewell fans, I truly love her…just not her choice of clothing.  Please take this as “constructive criticism.”



One thought on “Constructive Criticism…

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about! What’s wrong with being pale? Nothing! It’s one of her attributes. #3 is the only one I had any problem with because it doesn’t fit her right. #4, 2, and 1 are incredibly unique and creative. Maybe you just don’t know how to appreciate good taste in clothing.

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