JCPENNEY is riding the SEX wave…

After perusing though AOL a couple weeks ago, and I came across Parent Dish blog.  The post was called: “JCPenney’s “teen sex” ad [updated].”  I must admit that I was a little intrigued to see what exactly was going on with the well-known department store chain.

Please watch the following clip:

After watching their new commercial, I kind of just sat there thinking……WTF.

It seems that JCPENNEY felt the need to expand their horizons and go with the “sex trend.”  Now as previously discussed in OMFG! GOSSIP GIRL IS RACY!, the new scandalous promos seem to have parents buzzing around claiming that the show is “undermining positive values.” Okay, Gossip Girl is a show, maybe a bit soap-opera-ish.  So if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

Now as for this commercial…its simply ABSURD.  You’ve got a boy and a girl timing how fast they can take off their clothes and put them back on again (all the while “promoting” the clothes of course.) Then once the boy comes over to his girlfriends house, the girl tells her mother, that they are going downstairs to “watch tv.” YEA SURE!  Then as the commercial is comes to an end, a slogan puts up that states: “Today’s the day to get away with it.”  I want to ask… to get away with what exactly??

I mean I don’t know, I don’t want to contradict myself, but seriously there has GOT to be a better way to promote JCPENNEY’s fall line. I mean its like they are selling sex instead of their clothing, AND the boy and girl look like they should be in middle school!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!

What are you’re thoughts?  Do you think this is appropriate?

Now it gets funnier, according to an update, JCPENNEY IS DENYING THAT THEY EVER KNEW ABOUT THE AD, and their ad ageny is denying it as well.  WELL WHO MADE IT!? WHO GAVE THE OK!!?  Hmm…this seems sketchy to me….

so heres a nice message from JCPENNEY to all the young people, let TODAY be the day you get away from it.

and then we start wondering why young teens are getting prego….

Sex is everywhere, but when can we say that certain things are crossing the line?  Sure Gossip Girl’s promos are a little racy, but its not telling viewers LET TODAY BE THE DAY YOU GET AWAY WITH IT. Like seriously. If the PTC should freak about anything…it should be about JCPENNEY’s new commercial.




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