OMFG! Gossip Girl is RACY!



GOSSIP GIRL IS …. (gasp) RACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

News of Gossip Girls’ latest promos are creating an uproar amongst critics, especailly the Parents Television Council (PTC).   Due to their scandolus pictures and somewhat suggestive slogans, Gossip Girl has “crossed the line” of the safe and acceptable and into uncharted waters.

Some of the slogans include: “Every Parent’s Nightmare,” “A Nasty Piece of Work,” and “Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate.”  HAHA, I personally think these are hilarous and crafty little slogans. But I must admit and side with the PTC that some of the pictures are a little too much, but hey its GOSSIP GIRL. What did you accept?  Gossip Girl craves gossip and look, she’s getting what she wanted.

The PTC has stated:

“Rather than reinforcing positive values that parents are trying to instill in their children, this program very often is undermining these positive values,” said PTC’s Henson in April during a CNN-aired discussion spurred by that steamy campaign.

If you ask me, maybe the PTC should look elsewhere to reinforce positive values.  I understand that Gossip Girl isn’t the best show to exhibit “positive values,” but look at “7th Heaven!!”  Sure they were a religious family, but look what went on in the house: sex before marriage, getting pregnant out of wedlock, drug-use, vandalism and much more.  They really didn’t exhibit good values either. 

What is important is that children understand and learn about positive values, and when shows like these are aired, they should know the difference between, what I’m sure the PTC would consider, “Good vs. Bad behavior.”  Its about what they are taught versus what they see.

According to Rick Haskins, the CW marketing boss, he claims that the new promos are merely tools to entice audiences and to grab their attentions.  He quotes:

“What we’re trying to do is communicate with the audience in a way that they like and can appreciate,’ he said. “This sort of campaign resonates with someone who likes ‘Gossip Girl'” – specifically, women ages 18 to 34.”

Gossip Girl is about high-school teenagers and as Haskins stated, the show is aimed towards women of 18-34.  As much as I do not like to admit, and as much as the PTC does NOT want to accept, is that today’s young teens/adults are becoming more accustom to sex.  We see it everywhere.  Just look at teen pregnancy, does the PTC not believe that sex is happening among young teens/adults?  Well IT IS happening, so there is no point in hiding it. 

I know when I was a young girl, I was not allowed to watch Dawson’s Creek due to its content, SO if parents are concerned about the content of Gossip Girl reaching their children’s eyes…then here’s the solution: DON’T LET THEM WATCH IT.  Plain and simple. PLUS its not like the show is graphic in any way, and sex is not the main driving point in the show.  It’s just there and shows up from time to time.

SO, my last words on this topic is: Sure, the promos are racy, BUT they sure caught your attention didn’t they?

Read more on the article here.

Can’t wait for September 1st 😀

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2 thoughts on “OMFG! Gossip Girl is RACY!

  1. ive been seeing these posters everywhere but neglected to post them on my own site because they are basically retouched stills from last season’s episodes.

    they are very enjoyable though to look at and i too chuckled at the slogans.

    however my take on them is a little different from yours.

    if you really think about the show and the content- it really isnt as bad as the posters make it looks. a couple scenes here and there- and all they show really is harmless kissing.

    what i think they are trying to say is basically a satire on what all of these “commissions” and press outlets and labeling the show. “you think is bad? we will show you bad”- in there ads at least.

    people forget that this is being broadcast on basic cable television, not pay television and there are specific rules and regulations that prohibit content that is too adult.

    and seriously? if you dont like the show, just dont watch it or ignore it entirely! thats what people should be saying to the haters if you want my opinion.

    also- ive added a little spoiler to my site last night about jenny. click through to see it.

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