It’s all fair in love and baseball…

In the words of Chase Utley, “Boo? F-ck you.” Ah, you gotta love baseball 😀

So last night I was forced to watch the HOME RUN DERBY, seeing as how my brother took over the television.  At first, I was furious because, no offence, baseball is just…boring to me… sometimes.  But as soon as I found out that Chase Utley was going to be batting, I shut my mouth and sat on the couch.

Before I get into the juicy details of his “controversial comment,” allow me to fill you in on the 2008 Home run Derby:

Chase Utley, second baseman of the Philadelphia Phillies, participated in the Home run Derby held in the historical Yankee Stadium.  Along with Josh Hamilton, Dan Uggla, Lance Berkman, Grady Sizemore, Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria and Justin Morneau.  Unfortunately, Chase only hit 5 home runs, leaving himself disqualified from the 1st round.  I was really pulling for Chase, seeing as how he is:

A. A Phillies player

B. The third in the National League in HRs with 25

But hey, at least he was one of the 8, AND got front-row seats to Josh Hamilton’s amazing record breaking 28 home runs in the 1st round!! (Breaking Bobby Abreu’s 24 HR record frfom 2005)  It was sick seeing Hamilton hit homer after homer after homer after homer… ** click here for more info**

But, back to Utley.  When Utley was being introduced, he got BOOED by the fans, which I was a really irritated with…but hey, that’s New York sports fans for ya (no offence).  So without knowing that his mic was still on, Utley says, “Boo? F-ck you.”  After I heard him, I sat there laughing my head off!  I could not believe he said that, and nor was I ashamed.  My brother somehow missed it, and did not believe me when I told him what Utley said. (It was only until his friends verified it, that he believed it.  Psh sure don’t listen to ME!)

Utley later apologized stating:

“It was a poor choice of words, I didn’t mean anything by it. I was kind of joking around with my buddy over there, so I do want to apologize.”

**For more on his apology, click here**

I personally didn’t feel that he should have apologize, but Utley was a bigger person and did so.  Hey, its sports and he is human…it was bound to happen.  And actually, the New York fans should apologize too!!  Why did they have to boo him?  I mean its not like he’s a shitty player…he made it to the Home Run Derby!!!  But, its not like fans ever apologize, I mean come on, us Philly fans never leave room for forgiveness, so why should other fans?  It’s sports, you love you’re team and you hate your rivals, its all fair in love and baseball.

If you missed Utley’s comment, check it out here.

Enjoy Yankee Fans 😀 !!




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