Hollywood’s New Wave…

So today I picked up VANITY FAIR’s August issue featuring “Hollywood’s New Wave.”  All I have are good things to say about this article:

1. Well Written, no I’m sorry PERFECTLY WRITTEN!!! I loved the wit and charm that was used to write this article.

2. I really liked how it recapped 2003’s picks and what they have accomplished thus far.

3. I loved their new “27 kids who will own the next ten years!” and I really feel like they are dead on.

4. The pictures were awesome

5. They talked about Gossip Girl 🙂

Back in 2003, I picked up their Young Hollywood edition and boy were they right when they picked the top young teen stars!!

Who was the most improved according to the article, (and I heartily agree)? SHIA LABEOUF!!

“But perhaps no one from the class of 2003 has enjoyed higher, bigger mo than the former Disney staple Shia LaBeouf (three years on Even Stevens, plus an Even Stevenstelefilm), who has found a series of outlets for all that energy pent up inside, bringing an old-school intensity (not for nothing is his English bulldog named Brando) to the sleeper hit Disturbia, the toy-crushing Transformers, and the thunderous to-do of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where not even being handicapped with the name Mutt Williams hinders him from making the most of the nearest vine.” – VF

Now, I have not mentioned this before, but my all-time favorite, and my secret indulgence is the CW’s GOSSIP GIRL.  I will admit, I was/am ADDICTED to the novels and back in high school, I definitely brought them into class, with my textbook propped up on my desk, and the book hiding behind it….I was a very studious student as you can tell.

ANYWAYS, even though the show doesn’t follow the book page by page, I almost like it better because this way, I can follow a different story line…well somewhat.  There are different twists and adaptations and I always find myself wondering, what’s going to happen next!

As for the fashion aspect of the show, I completely LOVE the outfits.  Every time I watch the show, I want to modify my closet to match Blair’s. True Story.

But back to VF, their description of the delectable show was perfectly worded and I couldn’t help but smile at the choice of descriptions.  I felt the need to share it with you all because it captures the true essence of the books/show:

“It’s a short, sharp hop from the wholesome happy perk of Disney’s Hannah Montana, whose Miley Cyrus can’t show a little bare shoulder without the world flipping its bonnet, to the spite-laced hangovers of the CW’s Gossip Girl, where decadence is in full Baudelairean flower. There, every Coach bag contains wanton secrets. Treachery and bitchery gleam from every compact mirror. Youth and beauty have their privileges, among them being the ability and agility to roll out into the hazy dawn following the squalors of the night before and still possess the throwaway glamour of a Bryan Ferry song. A fan craze and a critical fetish, Gossip Girl has hit the sweet spot of the Zeitgeist, the X mark where sex appeal and pop sociology intersect and the story lines hold an illusion of seamlessness, as if they sprang full-blown from the brow of Entertainment Weekly.”

  Feel free to read the entire article, I suggest you do, and check out the behind the scene pictures/video here.

you know you love me,



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