Shaken…not stirred….

Dear BOND fans,

The next Bond movie is due to come to theaters November 7th. GET EXCITED!!

After watching the latest Bond Movie (Casino Royale) I have become a HUGE fan.  I have watched many past Bond movies, but none did as much as justice as Casino Royale.  Certainly the setting in Venice added much appreciation for the movie, but it was just an amazing movie, with great action, plot and lines. 

I’d have to say much is also due to Daniel Craig being the NEW James Bond.  Its not because Daniel Craig has an amazing body, but you can’t deny that he is a GREAT Bond.  He did the job well, and sets a new standard to future Bonds.  I’m sure he will stick around for a few more movies 😀

His next film, Quantum of Solace looks amazing!!! It was heartbreaking to watch Vesper kill herself in the end, for the sake of saving Bond, so its great to see Bond seeking revenge!!  It looks delicious and so does Daniel Craig.

As a gift for you all, I’ve included a trailer of the new film, enjoy 😀

-jo. not joe.


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