We Still Have Bragging Rights…

From my point of view, the Euro Cup is not that big in the US.  Forgive me for those of you who do care, but its true.  You do not see many Americans rallying over the tournament.  Soccer does not get as much coverage as other sports, unless the US is involved. It just isn’t an American sport.

But let me tell you, outside of the US countries and people are roaring with excitement and angst. Speaking from an Italian point of view, my family has been living, eating and breathing the Euro Cup.  Every minute of every day, I hear the most recent news of the ongoings behind the curtains of America’s indifference involving the Euro Cup.

Well, some of you may know or some of you don’t, but it is my deepest regret that I must inform you that Italy was kicked out of the race towards the Euro Cup today by Spain, due to PENALTY KICKS (they are the WORSE!).

I cannot explain to you how depressed and hurt my family is feeling tonight.  After watching Spain kick their final penalty kick, the room went silent.  It was as if someone died.  But what silenced them the most was the image of Spain running and jumping in celebration, while Italy held their heads in their hands.

The game ended in an 0-0 count, leaving the penalty kicks to determine the game.  After Spain and Italy had their chances at the goal post, Spain left the scoreboard at 4-2 in penalty kicks.

According to my father, he felt that “Italy was not playing their best today.”

We all know that Italy won the World Cup 2006 (pulling in four stars baby :D) and the anticipation of another win was on every Italian’s mind.  Once you’ve had the taste of victory, nothing else satisfies. Fabio Cannavaro holding the World Cup

So to see Italy walk off as the losing team was too much to handle.  Once the game was determined and Spain was celebrating, my family turned off the TV, a sight too sore for eyes.  With their heavy hearts, and their minds unable to grasp this loss, they found comfort in a cup of Espresso.  This loss still hangs around their necks, like an albatross. Italy and their fans will always be reminded of their loss to Spain in the Euro Cup 2008. 

With our heads hung low, we all to have to remember that we cannot win them all.  Yet, with Italy being World Cup Champions…you want them to win it all.  But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.  Italy still has the World Cup to hold onto, so we have bragging rights baby.  Euro Cup is a whole different story.  

The image of Fabio Cannavaro holding the World Cup is still fresh in my mind, and never in a time had I been prouder to call myself Italian.  Its silly yes, that a victory in sports reminds you of how much you love your team, and in this case your people, your heritage.  

So no matter what, we have four winning crowns and NO ONE can strip us of our stars.



If you want more information on the Euro Cup 2008, follow this site:



2 thoughts on “We Still Have Bragging Rights…

  1. Hello Jophasine. Quick comment about Italy: I am in no way bashing Italian pride. It’s great people feel this connection, but the god-honest truth is that Italy didn’t have the squad to win this year, nor did they deserve to win. They were man-handled and dominated against Spain. Like you said though, you won the World Cup. Who can top you until South Africa? Nobody. I can’t believe how nice I’m being to you.

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