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I just wanted to share with you all this picture of Keira Knightley, my all-time favorite actress.  She looks so pretty!! I love her dress, hair and make-up (esp. the eyes!)  Its also funny how Sienna Miller looks like she is trying to pull off the same look as Keira, but we all know that only Keira herself can do it… and NO ONE ELSE! So stop trying Sienna!!

I’ve talked about Keira before in my BLOG, and I seriously love her. Its evident that she loves doing period-pieces and I love her for that.  She does an excellent job in every movie, and she is the most laid back actress, she’s your typical girl next door (or more like the girl “across the pond”). 

Its funny.  You see these stars and you sometimes feel like they are almost not real in a way.  Like it’s hard to believe that they exist just like normal people do.  Maybe its just me, but I feel like certain celebs are competely untouchable, and that its hard for me to fathom that they are just like you and me!

Allow me to go on another one of my favorite things, A TANGENT. 

So a couple weeks ago, I had an event to attend at the lovely HENRI BENDELS in NYC.  Well while I was checking in, my friend whispered to me, “Is that Hilary Duff?”  I looked up and low and behold, ITS HILARY DUFF RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!  I’m not going to lie when I say I was STAR-STRUCK.  I started freaking out! People around me probably thought I was having a seizure or something!  I so star-struck that I couldn’t even text my friends!!  It was as if my fingers didn’t know how to text anymore!  Whenever she was around, I was in a shock…I didn’t know how to react or what to do.  It was bad guys. 

I mean it was just a shock to me that Hilary Duff, the girl fromLizzie Mcguire, Cheaper By the Dozen and so forth, was right in front of me.  I could not believe that a person who I read about in the mags, saw her movies and TV was shopping….just shopping….right there with me in BENDELS.  It was more of shock to me that she was actually real!  haha I know it sounds silly, but sometimes its hard to imagine the stars you watch in movies, actually live a normal life off screen.  shocking…. I KNOW!

BACK to what I was saying, Keira Knightley just seems to me as real.  Like someone I could talk almost.  And what I also love about her is that fame hasn’t changed her in any way.  Unlike Hilary Duff, who in my opinion TOTALLY changed, she doesn’t seem approachable to me.  I held back from going up to Hilary and saying a few things, because I just felt like I couldn’t or more like I shouldn’t.   But Hilary Duff changed, especially her “appearance” (her teeth, face, body you’ve all read about it), and she just seems to me as … superficial.  I apologize to any Hilary Duff fans, but you must admit, she has changed….and for me…she has become annoying. Sure, she is not like LOHAN, but come on, she’s 20 yrs. old and dating a hockey player who’s how old?? 27ish??  or how about when she was 19yrs. old dating Joel Madden..who was 27!! hmm interesting.  That’s great, here you go kids, when you are a teen… go ahead and date an older guy.  Its the cool thing to do now.  gosh…honestly.

BACK TO KEIRA!!  She is a great role model, real, true to herself, doesnt’ let fame alter her ego and image and above all a fabulous actress (unlike Duff.)  Not to mention she’s English and has and English accent as well 😀

toots and tots,



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