No Tony for Ariel…

Call me lazy or claim that I am not a true fan of Sierra Boggess just because I missed the TONY Awards due to the celebration of FATHER’S DAY.  jeez, when did being such a good daughter become such a bad thing??

Anyways, as you have read, I missed the TONY Awards, meaning I missed the opportunity to watch Sierra Boggess SINGING again!! I have done this twice already!!! 😦 I’m so upset.  AND what’s worse is that THE LITTLE MERMAID WON NOTHING!!!!!! ugh the disappointment.

That feels like a slap in the face if you ask me….but then who am I to judge??  I have not watched the other nominees, or the other shows.  So I really can’t say much, other than I really wanted THE LITTLE MERMAID to win something!!

It was nominated for two awards:

Best Original Score (Music/lyrics) Written for the Theatre – which got beat by IN THE HEIGHTS.

Best Lighting Design of a Musical– which got beat by Donald Holder for SOUTH PACIFIC.

If you want more info on the Tony Awards, follow this link:

In my sole opinion, I felt that THE LITTLE MERMAID should have won it all, but I am being very VERY very single-minded here so that is not really fair now is it?  But honestly, Sierra Boggess should have been nominated for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical. She really did an amazing job in the show, and I really wanted her to get acknowledged for that. 

To be honest, I’m not a legit Broadway fanatic.  If you have been true avid readers of my BLOG, you would understand and know the love I have for THE LITTLE MERMAID.  And since it became a Broadway show, I too became a fan of both the show and Sierra Boggess.  So it is safe to say that I am not a very “cultured” Broadway fan. I’m pretty much just a LITTLE MERMAID/ SIERRA BOGGESS fan 😀 So anything that Sierra Boggess plays in, you know that I will be watching that show and claiming it to be one of my many favs/M&Ms 😀

I’ll have to ask again, if anyone can lead me to the clip of Sierra’s performance from the TONY Awards, I would GREATLY appreciate your help 😀  

toots and tots,



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