Nobody’s perfect…

Thanks to the help of a helpful blogger, I have found Sierra Boggess’ clip from Live with Regis and Kelly, and I must admit, I was not thrilled.  I would not say that it was one of her best performances or her worst, but it was lacking a bit of control.

For those of you who are not sure what I’m talking about, Sierra Boggess(from The Little Mermaid on Broadway) went on Live with Regis and Kelly (Broadway Week) Monday to perform Part of Your World in honor of the Tony Awards.  After I watched the clip, it seemed to me that Sierra skipped over some lyrics.  Maybe it had to do with time or something, who knows!!   Also, in the last part of the song, it sounded like her voice went CRAZY and uncontrolled!!! I’m not a singing or music expert, but in my opinion, her voice kind of went off-key and high-pitched.

Nevertheless, I do not judge a person based off of one performance.  You are allowed a couple of bad ones, because lets face it, nobody is perfect.  All in all, she is amazing and I’d admire her so much, so it doesn’t matter if she had one questionable performance… on live TV. 😀

SO check out the video for yourselves and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Nobody’s perfect…

  1. hi. i suppose im the helpful blogger and i do agree with your above comments. no one’s perfect, we all have our off days.
    i am still a huge fan, love listening to her sing. but this video from monday i did NOT show my 10 year old, who also absolutely loves sierra and the little mermaid, i didnt want her to see that one. we are going in july to see the show (second time) and we cant wait to see it again. also dont forget sierra is performing this sunday nite on the tony’s, we’ll be watching, im sure she’ll be her usual self then.

  2. I watched a part of that video and I was more focused on that obnoxious tail attached to the end of her. It was swinging in the wind and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it..I completely missed the entire point of your post.

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