Part of HER world…

One of my dreams came true today.  I went into New York City to watch THE LITTLE MERMAID ON BROADWAY.  For 2 hours and a half, I was part of her world.  Please allow me to express why this was a dream come true for me.  But first, allow me to introduce you to my new  M&M:  

MY M&M: Watch Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID on Broadway!

The Little Mermaid


1. The Little Mermaid was my all-time favorite Disney movie.  I watched it over and over again.  It was one of those movies where when you were younger and got sick, you would stay home from school, and curl up in your parent’s bed and watch it the entire day.  It was the movie that always made me feel better, no matter what.

2. Ariel was my idol and favorite princess (and still is) when I was a little girl, and I couldn’t wait until I was 16, so I could be the same age as she was in the movie.

3. I was Ariel for Halloween when I was little.  Yes, I did wear a red-wig and I had fins.  You’re jealous.

4. I know all the words to Part of Your World, and I would (and still do) burst into song occasionally.

5. Everything I owned when I was little had to be Little Mermaid related.  If it wasn’t, you could just return, I had no use for it.

6. I had to learn how to swim, so I could be like Ariel in the pool and ocean.  You could probably guess that I played “Mermaid” in the pool, and that I was always Ariel, no questions asked.

7. I always felt that Ariel and I were alike, due to the fact that we both had different hair from everyone else.

8.  I just loved the movie. period.

Well now that you know the history of my passion for The Little Mermaid, you could fathom how ecstatic I was to see my childhood idol on Broadway.  I could barely sit in my seat, and when the opening song started playing, I felt like my 5-year-old self again.

The show was amazing.  Everything from the cast to the songs were complete perfection.  The scenes and the costumes were breathtaking and extraordinary!  Just image THE LION KING ON BROADWAY, but under the sea!  Okay, I cannot put the two shows on the same level, seeing as how THE LION KING was a much bigger show and just spectacular.  BUT, as a small show, THE LITTLE MERMAID was just as spectacular!

Sierra Boggess, who plays Ariel, was incredible really.  She is my new fav. Broadway actress.  I can honestly say that she looked and played the part of Ariel.  She had a great voice and you can really tell that she became the role both mentally and emotionally.  The connection was def. there, and that made the show work.  The other cast members, Sherie Rene Scott (Ursula) and Sean Palmer (Prince Eric) were just as good.  Sherie Rene Scott took evil to a whole new level.  She was completely wicked, powerful and magnificent!  As for Sean Palmer, he was so handsome and had a great voice.  The rest of the cast was also amazing, there was nothing in the show that I would change or complain about.  The costumes were so cool, I really loved the fins, and I loved how the swam under the sea.  I’m not going to spill the beans on how they swam, but you can find out for yourselves!!! It’s totally worth it, trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you 🙂

  All in all, it was such a good show, I would def. watch it again!! Also, there were little girls at the show too, and some were dressed in The Little Mermaid outfits, they were so cute!  I should have pulled out my Halloween costume haha just kidding…or am I??

I need to buy the CD now.  The songs were awesome, and I’m not gonna lie, but when Ariel sang Part of Your World I legit started tearing up.  I could not help myself!! It just reminds me so much of my childhood that it was bittersweet.  Everything about that movie brings me back to my childhood I LOVE IT 😀

I also bought a T-shirt there, so now I can show it off.  That also made my day!!  Its pretty hot, I’m not gonna lie 😀

The show’s main tag line for the show is:

The hardest part about falling in love is taking the first step.

I understood the quote of course, but once I watched the show, it totally took a new meaning.  I won’t be able to explain it to you, because the only people who can is Ariel and Prince Eric.  The show really opens your eyes, and you’ll be missing out on alot if you don’t get a chance to watch it!  You really will be a poor unfortunate soul!!!

If you want more information on the show, or to listen to the songs, look at pic-atures, go to the website:



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