Rule # 1…

Okay, so I went to Barnes&Noble today to purchase RUMORS by Anna Godbersen (get it while its still hott!) So I walked up to the cash register with my book in hand, along with my PEOPLE STYLE WATCH magazine (I have to keep up with this season’s latest looks, as well as the celebs. hullo) to get rung up and peace out of there.

Anyways, I go up to the girl and hand over my items and wait to be rung up.  Well, while she is ringing me up, do you want to know what she does?  Well of course you do!! That’s why you are here, at my beloved “blog,” reading closely, at the end of your chair to find out what goes on in my life!!

ookay, sorry for the tangent.

Back to my story.  So the cashier says to me, ( I can’t remember exactly what she said, but I’ll paraphrase) “Is this novel based in the nineteenth century?” And I was like, “Well yes, its based in 1899.”

Then she goes on to ask, “Is it like Gossip-Girls?” and I respond with a little nod and said, “Well, yea kind of.”

AND DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT SHE DOES!!! The girl starts shaking her head and goes “o.m.gosh.” There she is, going on talking to herself about Gossip Girl and my book and shaking her head!! ewwww!!  The cashier, the employee,  WAS MAKING FUN OF THE BOOK I WAS PURCHASING…WHILE I WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER, ME THE CUSTOMER!!!!

If I had been a less nicer person, I would have whipped open a can of WHOOP-ASS and taken her out.  But no, Jo was nice and stood there, smiled and handed her the money.  Ugh, what a softy I am.  Sad how she was hating on my book, yet I was still giving her money.  It was like I was paying for her to insult me and the book. wtf.

What I should have shot back was, “Well, granted its not a ‘literary classic’ but its based around real-news clippings that were dated in 1899, and by using those, the author has created a story around the news clippings.  THAT’S what makes it such a good book!! The creativity behind the novel! And yes, it does deal with high-class society, and gossip is the driving force of the novel, but there is just so much more to it!! Forgive me for wanting to read some juicy gossip! Can I not indulge in some gossip, an easy read? jeeez!  AND next time, please refrain from sharing your thoughts regarding my purchases with ME aka. the purchaser.  I did not ask for your opinions, all I ask for is for you to ring me up, give me my receipt and bag my items. Thank you smuch.”

BUT of course, I did not say any of that! Why? Because rule #1 of being a nice person is:

You don’t say anything mean to anybody else.  

Well, being nice is getting annoying and sometimes I would like to be a bit of a bitch. BUT I can’t BECAUSE I’M A NICE PERSON!!!!  Ugh, the travesties of being nice.

So yea, that’s my post.  Mean people at Barnes&Noble, dissing my books. One day, one day, I’ll give her a piece of my mind, along with the money for my books!!!

joo’s furious.


One thought on “Rule # 1…

  1. let me guess..she was fugly. coke bottle glasses? bad style? crooked yellow teeth? her idea of a good read is probly something by swift, and we ALL know how that goes dont we.

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