You know that feeling…

You know that feeling you get when you’re looking forward to something? 


When you realize that you have the greatest friends you could ever ask for?


When you realize that your family is perfect despite all the flaws?


When you stand back and look ahead of you, all you see is infinite possibilities?


When you finally let yourself sit back and watch things unfold rather than trying to pry them open?


When you just realize that everything in your life finally makes sense and all you need is one more piece to finish the puzzle?

Yea, that’s what I’m feeling right now….all at once. 

And even though I feel like I’m spinning round and round with my hands out in front of me … I know someone will catch me. 

And if it’s not today or tomorrow or anytime soon,  I know that my friends and family will be what I land on.

And that is enough for me.

Just a little something-something I wanted to share with you dear readers.

                Consider this, your daily dose of optimism.

                                I’ll be here all week.


                                                                You know you love me,

                                                                                                          Jo. Just Jo. 


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