My Shopping Companion

So I went to the mall today in the frame of mind to spend all the money I have so painstakingly saved.  Pathetic I know, but I had this hunger to SHOP and it had to be fed!!  Now I understand that when you go shopping, it is recommended to look at least put together, and to wear something fashionable, yet comfortable.  I normally find, as will others, that if I “dress to impress,” I feel like I have been embodied with GIRL POWER!!  But on this specific day, “dressing to impress” was NOT on my to-do-list.   So now that I have your attention, you’re wondering, WHAT did I wear??  Well here it is:

My BRIGHT pink obnoxious PINK sweats

An old t-shirt from my High School days

My white- heart-studded zip-up PINK hoodie

My “parka”

And not to mention my tall UGGS.

Oh, and my hair was everywhere…but I mean when is it not??

If that does not equal to SLOB, then I don’t know what does.  Quite frankly, I really do hate it when people get all dressed-up for the mall . . . to go shopping.  I know I should not judge because I do it too sometimes… BUT, only if I have been somewhere else that demanded more stylish apparel.  Still, you have those girls who dress themselves up . . . just for the mall: to simply BE seen and make a statement.   Like seriously . . . it’s just the mall . . . you’re shopping for clothes.  And what I love the most is these girls STARE at me and judge me for my sloppiness!! CLEARLY I’m dressed like the slob because I am in NEED of clothes. DUH!!! THAT’S why I came to the mall…. I’m in search of better attire.  HONESTLY!!! 

Now, I know I just went on a horrible tangent about girls getting dressed up for the mall and me looking like a mess, but it got me really agitated that people were looking at me as if I just rolled out of bed!!  I mean, yes, I kind of deserved it because I did look like crap, but hey, I’m allowed a “bad clothes day” here and there! 

But, getting back to the MAIN purpose of this blog, my “shopping companion” whom I love and adore with all my life, said something that I will never forget.  We were both dressed alike, slob twins if you will, she noticed how much of a mess we were, and bluntly said:

“So I’m dressed like a slob, but I’m wearing a $500 bag.”

I cannot tell you how hard I started laughing; TEARS were streaming down my face!!  It was the funniest thing I heard all day and I could not control myself.  It was the truth, no doubt about it.  There we were, two ladies dressed in sweats, lacking make-up, and hair in disarray.  But, there on our shoulders was her COACH bag, and my leather FOSSIL bag – the most expensive thing we were wearing.  It was just funny how we dressed sloppy, yet we held our dignity by wearing our “expensive” bags.  😀

So, who is my “shopping companion?”

                Well my Mom of course!! She has to be my one and only “shopping companion.”  Not because she sometimes buys me things, but because she is just a remarkable woman.  She is my twin, my other half and we tend to think same.  Not only do I get fabulous fashion advice from a woman who has seen it ALL, but because she can sometimes be, well, brutally honest. LOL!  And believe me; you NEED that when you are shopping!!! 

 SO my question to you dear reader is:  who is YOUR “shopping companion?”   And why??!!

Shopping is a girl’s favorite hobby…so you mind as well share it with somebody you love!






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