My Addiction

I have an addiction. 

Dermatologist and experts have said that it’s all false, but as for me… I believe.

I’m addicted to chapstick.  It’s true.  If you see me sitting in class, driving, working or just whatever, I am constantly applying my chapstick.  Sometimes, if I just sit there…I will apply coats after coats of moisturizing lip balm.  Consciously? Of course.  Subconsciously? Absolutely.  I like to call it Compulsive Chapstick-Applying Phenomenon- CHAP. Oh how appropriate.

So, what’s my poison?

The Savannah Bee  (100% NATURAL): Tupelo Honey Beeswax Lip Balm

I swear by this, and let me tell you…it’s a beautiful thing.  You could say that it’s a cousin of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, but in my opinion, this Savannah Bee knows its beeswax! 

If you don’t believe my addiction, please allow me to explain.   If I forget to bring it with me, I’ll have a panic attack.  I will spend all that time, chapstick-less, wetting and rewetting my lips.  If there is a “Bath and Body Works” nearby, I’ll be inside stocking up on this one lip balm.  My lips yearn for that moisturizing beeswax, and I can’t help but to apply it.  Within the hour or during the hour, I will have this chapstick in hand, spreading and coating away.

So if you are looking for an underlying message or theme for this entry… I’m sorry to stay that you’ll leave disappointed.  I was bored, and well to be honest…procrastinating- I cannot tell a lie.  But I felt the need to share this addiction with you, and hopefully, if whoever reads my BLOG, shares this obsession with chapstick, then kudos to us- we’re not alone! 😀

 If next time you see, and I’m franticly searching through my big bag, it’s because I’m just looking for my chapstick.  TOTALLY normal.

Who knew that a girl, who is petrified of bees, would end up obsessed with beeswax?

Weird? Yes. And I’m not ashamed.


Jooooo. NOT jOe.


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