A little tidbit…

“She is pure alice in wonderland, and her appearance and demeanor are a nicely judged mix of the red queen and a flamingo.” – Truman Capote.

That is my favorite quote of all time.  My reasons?  Well first, I just love Alice in Wonderland.  After reading “The Looking Glass Wars” by Frank Beddor, I fell in love with the story.  (I highly suggest reading it!)  Secondly, the quote defines a girl who is a mixture of so many qualities that it’s hard to pin point it.  In my eyes, I feel that the girl Capote is referring to is someone who is different. That’s right I said it…different.  It’s scary to be different nowadays and everyone is trying to reach “perfection.”  My question is: what is perfection?  Is it ever attainable?  Every individual has a different idea of perfection, and I feel that the only way to achieve it is if we define it ourselves.

Perfection to me is being everything you are and nothing else.  I use to be afraid of being different, but now I see it more as a gift.  SO, how did I overcome the fear of being different?  Well, I know it may sound pretty dumb, but getting made fun of helped me out!!  Weird I know, but it seriously made me both stronger and confident.   I’ve been ridiculed throughout my life by being different.

Having crazy, frizzy curly hair and adding glasses and braces to the mix didn’t help much. Also, my name was different and my ethnicity was I guess somewhat debatable. In their eyes, I was different. I didn’t fit into their mold of “perfection.”  So, they kept pestering me and then one day I got fed up with it.  I was so over it and by arguing with them, it just made matters worse.  So, I just stopped.  I stopped caring about what they thought of me!!  So what if my hair is crazy!?! It made me stand out, braces fixed my teeth, glasses let me see (not to mention they are super stylish) and the name Josephine is pretty rare nowadays. As for me being Sicilian, it just makes me that more unique!

So thanks to everyone who made fun of me . . . you really helped me get use to my skin and stand out! 😛So if you’re afraid of being different, don’t be.  The way I see it, different is the NEW perfection.  So let those “haters” go and hate because in the end, it’s you who is getting stronger.  Treasure what makes you unique and people will see your confidence.

Like Kanye West says, “T
hat don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.”
So, be who you are, along with the fire of the red queen and the beauty of a flamingo.

SPREAD THE WORD- different is beautiful ;D

kluvyouthanksbye! -jo


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